Increase the Value of Your Business

While each business is unique, 100% of businesses can make immediate changes that will increase their values.

The ultimate test of value for your business can be found in one simple question.

Would someone want to buy your company?

Whether you want to sell now, next year, a decade from now, or pass on the business to family or key employees, you need to build your business into a valuable asset for the future.

We start with the Value Builder Score™ Questionnaire as it is an interactive tool offering a comprehensive assessment of the value of your business by analyzing your company across 32 different value drivers.  The questionnaire takes 13 minutes, and once complete you will get an overall Value Builder Score out of 100, plus your individual score on the eight key drivers of value.

Based on the outcomes of your Value Builder Score™, we can help you build a strategic plan of action to build the value of your company in any one or all of these drivers.  We have coaching programs designed to enhance these key value drivers within your business that will drive up your company’s value in preparation for selling one day.