Structuring and Financing Acquisitions

Deal structure is very important. The structure of an acquisition can take many forms and it does impact the final price. Some things that need to be considered are whether it is an asset or share purchase and what assets are included or excluded from the purchase. There are implications for all of these decisions and they need to assessed on how they impact your deal.

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How to Get Financing that Fits

Securing financing can often be the "hold up" for most deals, whether it be for acquiring a business or financing for another type of project such as expansion, construction, equipment, etc.

Below is an article I have written titled "How to Get Financing that Fits", its focus is on what lenders typically look at when making financing decisions. You may find the information most helpful as it can help you to better prepare your financial "resume" for the time when you may need to seek financing.

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Acquiring Businesses: The Letter of Intent

Letters of intent (LOI) are an initial agreement between a business buyer and seller. An LOI summarizes transaction terms and conditions that have been negotiated and agreed upon by both parties.

Most LOIs are non-binding and merely serve as an outline of business terms, key business agreement points, and contingencies, before a Definitive Purchase Agreement and other ancillary documents exist.

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