Services for Buyers

Buying a business is an investment in your future. Bridgepoint Business Brokers is here to assist you every step of the way. We provide the necessary tools and support to ensure a profitable investment.

We act directly for buyers in acquisition mode by representing your interests and providing support, structure, and confidentiality throughout the process. 


Buyer Acquisition Searches: We have the ability to match a buyer’s background, experience, interests and financials qualifications with an appropriate business.  We will act as your advisor to identify suitable acquisition prospects, conduct a thorough analysis of the targeted company, and negotiate favourable business and financial terms.

Buyer Valuation Services: We evaluate a business and determine its actual worth, so you can invest with confidence. Our market knowledge and valuation experience provides buyers with the fair market value of a business and strong supporting evidence to build a compelling case for negotiations with sellers.

Offer Preparation & NegotiationWe prepare your offer and negotiate the purchase for you, while ensuring that you stay in control of the entire purchase process. 

Financing Services: We can assist with financing by determining the most appropriate structure for your acquisition, along with the necessary amount and type of financing required to close a deal.  Our expertise and extensive knowledge and contacts provides you with options for obtaining the most competitive financing package for your business needs.


Management and Employee BuyoutsWe can help you acquire the company, division or subsidiary you manage by providing a valuation to determine the business’ actual worth, offer transaction structure advice, and support you throughout the process by acting as an intermediary during negotiations.

Investment Watch Services (post-purchase): To ensure your new investment is performing as expected, we monitor key performance indicators, determine the health of your business, and if needed, recommend courses of action to improve performance.

Interested in Buying a Business? Contact Bridgepoint for a no-obligation consultation to assess your needs.