Services for Sellers

We understand that your business represents years of hard work and is likely a large part of your investment portfolio.  For those reasons and more, we are committed to helping you achieve a successful transition.

Bridgepoint Business Brokers offers a comprehensive range of services supporting the sale of privately held businesses.  We are uniquely positioned to sell your business by coordinating the entire selling process with the highest levels of commitment and integrity. 

We can assist with the following aspects of the transaction:

1. Total Business Valuation

Identifying and presenting the real value of your business to prospective buyers is not easy. The “Broker’s Opinion of Most Probable Selling Price” report and process will accurately estimate your business’s market value and reveal areas for potential improvement.

2. Sales Presentation Package

We prepare your business for the marketplace by taking care of the many details required to present your business for sale. We will create an appealing and informative sales package that potential buyers will use to assess your business.

3. Marketing Plan Execution

After the key marketing documents have been created, we begin to confidentially and proactively market your business, bringing only interested and qualified buyers to the table. This customized marketing plan will be designed to attract interest from multiple buyers with the intent to drive the sale price up through multiple offers.

4. Deal Negotiation

This is where the preparation of an offer and deal structure are formally put on paper. Negotiations occur at this stage, guided by the Broker. Buyers will go through a due diligence phase and the Broker will oversee this process to efficiently answer questions to allow the deal to proceed to closing in a timely manner.