Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about their experience with Bridgepoint.

I came into contact with Bridgepoint when I was at a very important crossroads in my business, deciding on the sale or continuance of my business. Travis and his company helped to provide me with a focus and a clear path for the future. I was impressed with Travis’ knowledge and the time he took to review my market options.
— Willie M., Business Owner, Saskatoon, SK
I attended an insightful presentation that Travis gave to a group of professionals and business owners on “How to Plan for the Successful Sale/Transfer of Your Business.” This was not an easy task given the high level of expertise in the room. Travis’ information was relevant, cutting edge and informative. He was able to field questions from experienced professionals and business owners alike. I would recommend that anyone looking to sell their business or business professionals interested in the topic, take in an event where Travis is speaking. It could answer a lot of your questions and provide direction for the future.
— Chetan T., Suncorp Valuations
Bridgepoint worked with us to better understand the market value of our company. Travis was able to provide concise, honest and thorough insight on how to best set our company up to achieve maximum value and how to best appeal to our most likely buyer when sale time came. Travis has earned our trust and we will definitely be in touch with him when the sale time is right.
— Craig F., Business Owner
I referred some potential clients to Bridgepoint that were looking to buy a business. Travis was able to understand the deal and translate this into a workable business plan that banks require prior to considering financing. The in depth report that Travis prepared for my client allowed me to fund the acquisition in a much more timely and organized manner. It was a win-win for everyone as the client is now a proud new business owner.
— Mauricio V., Bank of Montreal
I met Travis when looking to purchase a business to expand my current operations. I was impressed with the clarity of the information presented on the opportunity as it made the experience more seamless. I found working with Bridgepoint to be a positive and enjoyable experience. Travis displayed professionalism throughout the entire process, supplied information in a timely manner, and diligently worked to ensure the transaction successfully closed. I am now the proud new owner of a book binding division for my company. Thank you Bridgepoint for helping me to expand my business.
— David Wakefield, Buyer
The clientele that would benefit from Travis’ services are business owners who have spent a lifetime building their business and are looking for expert advice on how best to get value out of their business. I would recommend anyone to take an hour out of their day to listen to Travis’ presentation. You may have taken 30 years to build your business, what is one hour to get ideas on how to get value out of your business?
— Trevor Broker, Wealth Advisor, Scotia McLeod Ltd.