Eventually your client will sell their business. Are you ready to help?


Your clients are proud of what they’ve built and just might need some help stepping away. It’s never too early to get started.

We work with everyone including accountants, lawyers, and financial planners to help entrepreneurs market their business for sale. Let’s have a coffee and talk about how we can help your client succeed.



Help your clients know what to expect. Share our recent blogs with your clients so they start to understand what it’s like to sell a business from the personal experience of a fellow business owner.

Sooner or later you will sell your business. What’s that like? Part 1

When was the last time you sold a business? It’s normal to not know what to expect. So, we’re going to introduce you to Steve – a business owner who’s getting ready to retire – and walk you through a typical sale through the eyes of an owner.

What’s it like to sell your business? Part 2

Steve is ready to sell his manufacturing business and just got the ball rolling with an informal meeting with a broker and his first outside perspective on the value of his business. What’s next for Steve?

Resource to help your client.

Client Checklist: Is your client ready to sell their business?

We’ve developed a checklist to help your entrepreneurial clients understand where they are on the road to selling their business. Don’t wait for that life event to force you into a plan. Start early, be prepared, and get ready for smooth sailing.

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