Resources for Sellers

At Bridgepoint, we facilitate the successful sale of your business. We find the right calibre of buyers for your business and guide you through the process until the transaction is successfully completed. Bridgepoint has built a history of success by understanding client needs and providing services that add value. With fees and charges clearly identified up front, everyone involved can see value in the transaction.

At Bridgepoint, we’ve built our reputation on confidentiality and discretion. We understand the potential negative consequences if key customers or employees learn of the pending sale of a business and do everything possible to alleviate the risk of that knowledge leaking into the marketplace.

Disclosure: Before disclosing information about your business to potential buyers, they complete a confidentiality agreement and a buyer profile sheet. This process ensures that people who receive details about your business are not only qualified to purchase your business, but also understand the importance of confidentiality.

Company Valuation: We assemble, analyze, and prepare the appropriate financial information to determine the value of your company. This includes consideration of current market conditions and the market value of assets being transferred. A properly priced business has the potential to sell more quickly, and can generate more interest among multiple buyers

Financial Statements: Financial statements are typically prepared for tax purposes, not for business sale purposes. As such, they do not accurately reflect the true value of a business. We work closely with you to "recast" your company's financial statements so potential buyers can see the true economic value of your business.

Seller Financing: Many sellers are unaware that they can earn considerable interest by financing the sale of their business. In addition, seller financing shows a commitment to the Buyer that the Seller has confidence that the business will continue to be successful.

Buyer Qualifications: We pre-qualify buyers to ensure they have the financial and management capability to complete the acquisition. We create a professional presentation that profiles your business for pre-qualified buyers and allows prospective buyers to make decisions faster

Ownership Transfer: We can devise a plan for both the buyer and the seller that ensures the continued success of the business once ownership changes hands. This includes transferring key relationships, training, and proprietary information required to operate the business. We can also provide retention strategies to retain the loyalty and interest of key company employees for after the change in ownership.

Facilitating the Process: Bridgepoint Business Brokers knows what is required to allow for a seamless business transition. By being properly prepared, we help you avoid unwanted attention by having your company on the marketplace for as short a time as possible. We also act as an impartial third party to provide support and reassurance throughout the process, providing options along the way and offering solutions to any challenges that may arise.

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