Travis Kellett, Owner & Broker

The founder of Bridgepoint Business Brokers, Travis Kellett left a successful career in the commercial banking industry to start the company.

Born, raised, and educated in Saskatchewan, Travis left the province to further his career and gain valuable experience in the financial services industry. He returned to Saskatchewan to put that knowledge to use, with a high degree of motivation to help his clients achieve their individual goals and to see the province prosper as a result.

Travis' experience provides clients with a leading edge in helping them find buyers, manage the transaction, and close the deal.

Travis is a fully licensed broker with the provincial Real Estate Commission and has managed over 50 acquisitions. His extensive experience working with buyers and sellers to design a comprehensive and bankable offer will help you sell your business.

Contact information

(306) 979-8750


Dean York, Business Broker Agent

Dean York Photo.jpg

Dean joined Bridgepoint Businesses Brokers in 2017 and he recently became a licensed Business Broker Agent.  He continues to manage buyer relations throughout the transaction, while at the same time helping business owners to achieve their goals through successful business sales.

Dean is an experienced entrepreneur, having created, ran and grown several small businesses over the past 3 decades.  He understands the relentless work ethic and personal sacrifices that go into building a successful business.  His experience and background allow him to support clients throughout a very important transaction and time of change.

Dean lives in Saskatoon SK with his wife Jackie and they have 4 children.  When not focused on business, Dean enjoys Camaros, snowmobiling, and travelling.

Contact Information for Dean:

(306) 380-2855


Raquel Bergen, Operations Manager

Sellers  connect with Raquel when they engage Bridgepoint to sell their business.  She works with business owners throughout the sales process but especially at the beginning when collecting and coordinating information required to create a listing for a business.  There is a lot of work required to prepare a business for sale so that it can be presented to buyers in the best possible light.  After the business is ready for the market, Raquel manages and executes the marketing tactics assigned to a listing and provides clients with regular market updates on prospects and results.  Raquel has several years experience working in accounting and financial planning related roles.  She enjoys helping  business owners plan and prepare to transition to the next stage of their life. 

The most rewarding aspect of working at Bridgepoint is witnessing a satisfied client receive serious inquiries about their business from well-qualified buyers. I get to see the pre-sale preparation and targeted marketing pay off.