Friends Helping Friends - A Bridgepoint Referral Story

Like The Beatles, we get by with a little help from our friends.

While many of our clients contact us directly, we are equally thrilled to receive referrals from individuals who we call Bridgepoint connectors. These men and women recognize the value of our services and connect us with customers or colleagues in need.

Business consultant and Bridgepoint Influencer Earle Toews has made a name for himself in helping a variety of Saskatchewan businesses grow and thrive. Earle works hard to identify what his clients need to succeed and sets them up with the tools and the resources to get there.

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Selling in a Buyers' Market

For a couple who were ready to sell their small, highly profitable business in the automotive services sector, the challenge was the sheer number of similar competitors also on the market. "We were the same size as many other businesses with owners who were also ready to sell," the couple said. "We were all doing well, but we all faced the same problems and competed for the same customers. With so many businesses just like ours on the market, we expected lots of low-ball offers if we got offers at all."

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Going Above and Beyond

While no business sale is ever simple, some are more intricate than others. When the sale involves a business that is built on personal relationships, provides professional business services to the private and public sectors, has limited hard assets, and is owned by a founding partner who wants to retire and a younger partner who plans to stay with the organization, complexity and delays are inevitable.

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Are you asking enough for your business?

Jeff* is the owner of a luxury goods retail business. He was approached by a potential buyer interested in purchasing his business. Jeff's Accountant referred him to Bridgepoint as he knew his client needed help from a team with a solid understanding of current market values. Without the proper support, this business owner could have undervalued his business and risked agreeing to a bad deal.

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