Resources for Buyers

There are many advantages to investing in an existing business, but the reduced risk of failing is usually the most compelling. Bridgepoint Business Brokers represents numerous businesses in a variety of industries and sizes. This inventory, existing financial and operational data, and our considerable experience in negotiating transactions can save purchasers substantial time and effort. Additionally, we can provide the purchaser with options for obtaining the most competitive financing package.

Buyers must scrutinize acquisition opportunities diligently from many vantage points. It is critical to be aware of the key issues that can arise when purchasing a business.

To maximize the probability of success, it is important to partner with professionals that can help you find, analyze, and negotiate transactions that are the right fit for your needs and goals. Bridgepoint Business Brokers helps by offering solutions that will mitigate issues that may seem insurmountable on your own.

Company Valuation: Our experience has shown that there are three key components used in computing valuation models: 1) Earning power; 2) Specific assets being sold; and 3) Marketplace demand. We value a business by combining powerful analytical tools with real-world experience to objectively determine a business's worth in today's demanding marketplace. We work with sellers that have realistic expectations about the fair market value of their business.

Financing: Using our experience in designing acquisition financing, we prepare a comprehensive package so lenders can readily see what is involved. This builds trust and rapport with lenders, and an increased chance of securing financing to ensure a viable deal.

Due Diligence: The due diligence period is used by the buyer to review all legal and financial aspects of the business, including competition, changes in market dynamics, available financing, and any other issues surrounding the financial and legal aspects of the business and purchase.

Facilitating the Process: Bridgepoint Business Brokers can assist with developing unique strategies that keep key employees engaged before, during, and after the transfer of ownership.