Are you asking enough for your business?

Type of Business: Luxury Goods, Retail
Location: Saskatoon SK

Client Profile

Jeff* is the owner of a luxury goods retail business. He was approached by a potential buyer interested in purchasing his business.

What is the right price?

Jeff's Accountant referred him to Bridgepoint as he knew his client needed help from a team with a solid understanding of current market values. Without the proper support, this business owner could have undervalued his business and risked agreeing to a bad deal.

How Bridgepoint Helped

Bridgepoint created a comprehensive report that outlined the current market value of the business and how Jeff could improve what he would get from the sale. This detailed report, along with Travis Kellett's (Broker/Owner, Bridgepoint) advice was the foundation for all future discussions with potential buyers. Travis' expertise allowed the owner to set an optimal asking price for the business, yet one that still made sense to Buyers.

The Result

A combined effort from a solid advisory team – Chartered Accountant and Business Broker, turned this business owner from worried to powerful. With Bridgepoint's help he now has a solid understanding of his company's value and confidence that Bridgepoint will steer the deal forward. Jeff is confident that Bridgepoint will provide guidance through every stage of the sales process until an optimal deal is reached with this Buyer or another.

Client Feedback

"I didn't know Bridgepoint existed until my Accountant referred me to seek help from them with the sale of my business. After having been through a portion of the sales process, I am sure glad I have them helping me."

"I now understand the value of my business and can use this information to make any necessary changes to my business should I decide to sell at a later date and achieve a higher value."

Do you know someone like Jeff that could use Bridgepoint's help?

Do you know someone who has built a good business and now wants to get fair value for what they have built? Whether this person has found a buyer, or they need careful execution of a customized marketing plan to find that perfect buyer – Bridgepoint is here to help, just like we helped Jeff!

Contact Travis today at 306-979-8750 or click to email Travis for a coffee to discuss your business sale options.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the client.